Since becoming an educational consultant in 2010, Larry Geni has worked directly with more than 100 teachers, providing his services to schools systems, individuals, and groups of teachers alike.  He has presented at national education conferences, in school-wide presentations, and in small group sessions.  He has also written two books on this approach, both of which are available in their entirety in this website. 


Geni Consulting offers the following services:

Level I:  A one week summer workshop explores the fundamental ideas of this approach, using “A Teacher’s Handbook” as a reference.  This workshop is designed to let teachers immediately start adapting these ideas to their own classrooms.  

Level II: A three day workshop for those who have completed Level I.  This workshop builds on the work teachers have done since taking Level I and guides them in diving deeper.  

Level III:  Training for in-house staff developers provides them the expertise to facilitate their own workshops.

While the optimal timing for all three of these workshops is at the start of the summer, they can also be adapted as needed to be run as after-school or weekend seminars during the school year.   


Teacher training.  Geni Consulting also provides follow-up support for individual or small groups of teachers who have participated in any of the workshops.  Coaching teachers through the initial phases of implementation of this approach is critically important in effecting long-term change. 


Presentations that introduce Larry’s approach to education can stimulate conversation and generate enthusiasm for meaningful change in the classroom.  Presentations can be adapted to any size group, including small groups of teachers, departments, and whole schools. 

To find out more about Geni Consulting, contact Larry Geni directly.

To get first-hand responses from students and teachers who have had working with Larry, read testimonials or watch video clips of them discussing their experiences.